Align objects spread over several groups without degrouping

Is there a way to align objects spread over multiple groups without having to ungroup and regroup them again?

Try Ctrl+Shift+Left Mouse Button on the objects you want to align. This way you can select individual entities within groups without having to ungroup them.

Nice! Though this seems to work for the curves but I have groups containing mixed polysurfaces and curves and the polysurfaces don’t work with that trick apparently.

Or wait. It does work with polysurfaces if I select individualy! And it does work in combination with curves if I select individually. But when I try selecting everything using a selection window. It doesn’t seem to work?

Hi Siemen - can you describe what you’re doing? So far this seems to work OK here.


See this example. It’s 4 groups with 1 polysurface and 1 polycurve. I would like to align them in front view to the bottom without having to ungroup and regroup them. When I use the ctrl-shift selecting only the polysurfaces line up and not the curves.

170327 Groupaligning.3dm (30.1 KB)

Hi Siemen I see - - if I CtrlShift window everything it behaves as though the top level groups are selected and not the individual members - that’s the problem, right?


Yes. I would like them to all align to the bottom. I mean, I found a way around now but it would be good to know if there is a way to do this.