Align gizmo to model (nor working)

Hi I am trying to align gizmo with model.
When I use relocate gizmo I can not get to do it. Is it possible to have a snap from the 0 point to the direction on x of gizmo in order to rotate it in 2d and align it to my rotated model ?

Thanks a log

as far as i know its not possible to snap to its own origin points, but you can use cmd (for apple) while rotating the gizmo and that spot you touch can be snapped to anything you have set in your osnaps which unfortunately does not help you much in getting it precise :smiley: … hope this will improve.

to solve this fully you have to find the exact angle of the deviation by drawing an aligned polyline for example or use the command angle and then you can press cmd and click on the rotation ribbon, entering the exact angle will reset the gizmo only.

Thanks! I did this…now I have the gizmo as I want, but it does not remember it. As soon as I do something else and return to select my different models within the same layer…the gizmo return to a weird position.


it does not remember the location of grouped objects or selections, only single objects.

Not either. I am relocating the gizmo in one part…and forgets again.

maybe this is responsible for it, just a guess though.
try setting it to align to cplane. and then try again.

it should work most definite, i never experienced a single joined object to lose the gumball setting.


Yes was that. Unfortunately Keyshot does not remember this axis relocation…
I thought KS will maintain my pivot relocated in rhino.

ic… seems you need a workaround anyway, i have no experience with KS sorry…
what are you planning to do? for some animation? you could try to find this same center and use a circle with 2 points defined for aligning it in KS just a wild guess, no clue what you are up to.

Yes exactly. I still can not manage to rotate anything correctly coming from rhino.