Align geometry heights

Is it possible to align volumes which don’t have the same height? I was thinking if the “attractors” make sense here?
ps: the highlighted volume is the reference

No image. No file. No help.

I upload an image but there is a problem… I 'm trying again


How do you want to align them? (Don’t know what attractors are useful for here)

i want to make them have the same height as the highlighted box, I don’t know about attractors may be they are useful.

Height means what? Should they stretch (Scale1d)? Should they remain proportional(Scale)? Should they move up to the height? Should the bottoms first align, then scale to meet the top?

Specifics are key in asking questions.

No I don’t mean to scale them, it’s to stretch ( when it’s shorter) and Shorten (when it’s longer than the highlighted box). the base is the same.
I want to make like an invisible reference line which defines the height desired… So may be it’s scale 1d

This should work.
Capture (16.8 KB)

and when the curve to match height is like a horizontal line level ( not a vertical one) or may be a plane (xy)

The length of the line will be measured no matter what. Or do you mean you want to scale horizontally if the line is horizontal?

A plane(xy) has no length, you can’t measure it.

Yes I want to scale the volumes horizontally with a horizontal line.
Yes sure a plane don’t have a length, I mean here that when it’s parallel to the (xy) plane and its origin is different from O, so it’s like a reference plane which all the volumes will align

If the line is horizontal then use the direction it is (instead of Z in the file I posted) switch the deconstruct box and the scale NU to x or y.

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thank you all :wink: