Align face normals (312.5 KB) Hello All!

I am trying to align all mesh normals but I have no Idea why it doesn’t work. I have tried many things without any result. Could anyone please help me on how I can achieve every mesh surface pointing on the same direction ?

Thanks in advance!

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Is this what you’re looking for? (303.7 KB)

Or this: (601.3 KB)

Yes exaclty thank you very much guys. Do you have any idea why this is happening when I am trying to get the mesh center. Some of the meshes center are shifting to the space.

Thanks a lot!

You can use FaceNormals to extract the normals and center points of all faces in a mesh.

Ahh sorry guys… I am not that experienced with meshes… The problem is that I am trying to merge all consecutive meshes with the same colo to one simple mesh. Before I merge them all your advises work fine. But after I merge them I am still experiencing problems.