Align different height surfaces on same height

Hello I would like to align different height surfaces on same height without individually moving them. As SetPt command do in Rhino. Can I achieve this in Grasshopper?

Use project

hi @kutay.coskuner

there’s a “move to plane” node in grasshopper, alternatively you can move them to the same Point3d by evaluating the area centroid, creating a vector from the centroid to the point you want the surfaces to be and “move” them along that vector. the two options are about the same.
here you’ve got an example: (7.0 KB)

hope that helps


It did the work, but in the next step I am doing an animation, but move since move to plane is aligning to 0 surfaces are starting from the position which I don’t want. But it answers the question. Thank you

in this case use the second example I attached (the one in the blue group). you can input any point you want.
If you need some help with that, don’t hesitate to post your file here with some description what you would like to obtain.