Align curve to another curve

Hi all,
Im trying to align a curve to another curve/edge of surface.
In screenshot it means i want to align the yellow curve to the red to best average.
Is there such a “quick” function?

Why do that? You can use _DupEdge command to pull curve from that edge out and rebuild with desired points.

because the curves are different and i dont want to use DupCurve since it builds an extreme amount of cv’s. red crv is already a DupCruve =)! Red and yellow from diff view attached.

guess i need an construction plane inserted in angle following the red line?

Then i think maybe the quickest method is to use _InterpCrv click on red curve desired places with number of points. “activate OSNAP => Near”.

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Great, ill try that! Thank you! :slightly_smiling_face: