Align control points

I believe he is looking for behavior similar to the “tsflattenpoints” command in T-Splines.

Hello Pascal…apologies for the late reply. The behavior would be like combining AlignGripsPlane and AlignGripsCrv.

I’ll set up an example on my personal computer (can’t upload files form my form machine)

Hello Pascal.
I hope this crude example helps to communicate the idea. Something like this would be helpful for building to orthographic design sketches. I mean, I could obviously just move the curve up and I could just be missing something here…but I imagine that do this twice on two different views could be similar to “Crv2view”

So, if the verts are not at the same Z as the curve, then they take a position above or below the curve but aligned in the Top view, do I have that right?


Yes, that would be the idea.

The points would be pulled to the curve, but fixed in the perpendicular plane. I realize that this could done by creating a curve from two view and using that as the guide so I’m not sure how much value this would add depending on how complex it would be to implement, But I could certainly see myself using this. Especially when modeling form two views using the picture fame with a top and right side view orthographic for instance. I think this could be particularly helpful in sub-d modeling.

The Next three images show how I would use the command theory. However, a user may choses to just align the points to one curve to make fine adjustments quickly…like “align to curve in plane” or something the sequence and result using a curve created from two views.

Like I mentioned earlier, you could do this by creating a guide curve form two views so I’ll leave it to you to determine if you think its value added.

Hello - if you ExtrudeCrv the curve so that it is larger than needed to capture all the points, and Pull the points to the resulting surface, you should get the right answer.


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Hello Pascal,
I own Rhino 7 but i couldn’t find such command.

Would be great because this tool is extremely handy.

Which command?
The top of Help for a command shows where to find the command.