Alias with automatically repeat doesn't work

Hello everyone,

I have a little but annoying problem with aliases in rhino 7
I often need to extend multiple different surfaces edges, selected one by one, so instead of repeat the ExtendSrf command every time, I saved an alias with an asterisk " ! *_ExtendSrf "

It works well until I quit Rhino, when I restart it and try to use the same alias it says " Unknown command *_ExtendSrf " and all I can do is delete the alias and rewrite it

Anyone know why this happens?

Yeah, I see that happening here, but I don’t know why…

Hi Mattia -
That seems to work fine with



Thank you for the replies
Seems to work properly just by deleting the " ! "


Doesn’t work at all with regional commands


Hi Mattia - “!” is a ‘cancel’ command designed to stop any running commands, so no, the repeater cannot work with that.

That seems not to be the case, now that I’ve actually tested -
! *_ExtendSrf
works fine… Clearly there is more to this…


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It actually does in some cases though…

Darn. Checking…


I think I have one ! _*Line that always works.

Ah, yeah! but not with input in the macro - say *_Line 0 And, you know, I did not test this earlier, but

! *_ExtendSrf

Works just fine here as a repeater.


It actually works fine once here, but stops working later.

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Oi… this feels like iot will be hard to track down - so far, in my tests atleast, it just works…
Mitch, I can repeat the intermittent thing you showed in the clip. Thanks.
My guess of the moment is that *ExtendSrf does not launch the plug-in that contains the command; once the command runs normally once, the plug-in is loaded and it all works.

@Lightafuncool - it does seem to work correctly if the macro uses the explicit command _Repeat in place of the * character,

! _Repeat _ExtendSrf

RH-71490 Repeat command inconsistency


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Didn’t know about the _Repeat command

It does seem to work properly

Thank you !