Alias to select a NamedPosition?

I am working with some Named Positions and I am searching for a way to create an alias to quickly select one of them but I can’t find a way to do this.


It is possible to create an alias to quickly select a Named Position in document?


You can use -NamedPosition (note the hyphen in the command line) to access command line options for it.

Then use the Restore option, and type in the name of the position. Edit; I see you want to Select, not Restore. Same applies. Note, I’m not sure how you can allow spaces in macros. I’m sure i’s written somewhere though. I just renamed positions to not have spaces.

-NamedPosition C Position02
-NamedPosition R Position02

Then you could assign such a macros to an Alias.

Thank you for your reply.

For me it is working the following alias:

! -NamedPosition _Select Position01 _Enter