Alias not working with Repeat

I have an alias for Sweep2 chained (S2C) and keying in *S2C doesn’t repeat sweep2 with chainedges. After the first sweep2, the command simply finishes running. So it seems like Rhino needs to understand I mean *(S2C), if that makes sense.

Currently S2C for me is:

Sweep2 c

Do you just have to do a specific, separate alias for each macro style command you want a repeat version of? Because that seems like it wouldn’t be efficient, to me.

Hi Jonathan - Repeat is a little stronger I guess - it works on aliases -

Repeat SC2


Aha - okay yeah that’s reasonable.

So I’ve found an odd (but handy) behaviour which is that an alias prefixed by ’ * ’ will repeat, but only after you run it a consecutive time.

  • Type *XS for ExtendSrf (aliased as XS)
  • make the extensions
  • The command seemingly ends, with the asteried repeat having no impact
  • Right click to repeat; the command being repeated is ’ XS ', not ’ *XS ', according to the command line
  • Then the aliased command is being repeated, endlessly.

Also just tested the same order with Sweep2 - and it seems to be okay.