Alias Automotive to Rhino switch

For quality modelling, you need great interactive CV (CP) manipulation tools and history on top of that. In an industrial design studio environment, there is no time for clumsy workarounds via Grasshopper et al.

this project is not alife anymore. I do know that some old Icem Surf/VSR Tools devs are currently developing a new rh and gh plugin. This will probally be more useful.


Tell me more please…


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Let’s hope they will make this available to the public.
Thanks for the info.

(Let’s hope they will make this available to the public.) -> Chances are high… Since the devs are independent enough.

Resurrecting this thread as its been a few years and wondering if you have heard anything new regarding the old vsr team developing a new plugin for rhino?

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The two brilliant minds who founded this back in the 80s are most likely resting on a well-deserved retirement. And logic tells me that VSR is their last creation. But it is so advanced and versatile that it will take years before we can unleash its full potential. Future technologies from the past, hehe

PS. I think this artifact deserves a separate thread in the forum, I vote for it! :slight_smile:

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Hello Tom,

Any news on the VSR team’s Plugin development?