Algorithms-Aided Design by Arturo Tedeschi? *** New components in GH1.0 ***

(Weston) #1

Keep seeing this popup on grasshopper searches and I noticed it on Amazon the other day. It’s a bit pricey, looks good but I’m skeptical of the 2014 publish date. Is this still relevant?

I know there are a million videos on GS online and I use them but I love a psychical book sometimes.

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(Robert Juchnevic) #2

I have this book, and in my opinion this book is still relevant. Maybe the price has decreased because Arturo Tedeschi intends to release the newer edition.


Since it is about grasshopper 1.0 , and grasshopper 2.0 is not released yet, I think it is a good start for grasshopper beginners. So yes it is relevant and nicely illustrated.

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(Tim Stark) #4

It’s about GH 0.9 or? Maybe really small things changed due to 1.0, but I agree with the others.

(David Rutten) #5

The main difference between 0.9 and 1.0 is a boatload of bug fixes and a couple of new components. There are no fundamental changes to how the program works or looks.


…which are those new components of 1.0 ?

(Wim Dekeyser) #7

Good question, I suppose.

GH > Help > Version History in GH 1.0.0004 only has changes between version 0.9.0075 and version 0.9.0076; not from that last version forward…

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(Michael Pryor) #9

There is also:
Data Input & Data Output (Params > Util)
Relay (Params > Util or double click a wire)
Quad Sphere (Surface>Primitive)
GHPython Script (Math>Script)


Would be nice to have the Help > Version History > "Grasshopper Version History " updated to 1.0.

(Laurent Delrieu) #12

Thanks, didn’t know of data input/output

(David Rutten) #13

D’oh! I completely forgot to keep that file up to date.

(Michael Pryor) #14

Two more I noticed:
Fit Loft
Control Point Loft

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(Laurent Delrieu) #15

And some news in Panel Surface Utils
Fillet Edge
Convex Edges
Edges from length
Edges from face
Edges from linearity
Edges from points
Edges from Direction

Flip Plane in Vector Plane

GH1.0 new (43.6 KB)

Grasshopper 1.0 new features list
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(Michael Pryor) #18

And some news in Panel Surface Utils

Any idea how to get those? Just tried updating R6 again but says I am all the way up to date.

(Laurent Delrieu) #19

Choose Service Release Candidate in Options -> Updates & Statistics

(Michael Pryor) #20

(David Rutten) #21

Service Release Candidate, not Service Release:

Ignore the (Daily) options, I get those because I’m a developer.

(Michael Pryor) #22


BTW seems Interpolate(t) appears twice (Seems the old one escaped exile)