Algorithmic Accessories V2.0 workshop - February 16-19, Vienna (Austria)

Algorithmic Accessories V2.0 workshop
February 16-19, 2017 from 10:00 to 18:00
Obere Amtshausgasse 49/2, 1050
Vienna (Austria)

Algorithmic Accessories V2.0 is a workshop that combines algorithmic methods for 3D modeling with the digital fabrication of jewelry.

The new emerging technologies in design and prototyping make mass customization of everyday objects more and more attractive. Parametric design is a powerful tool that allows users to become designers, and have some input on the variation of the product they wish to own. Combine this with the advantages of digital fabrication and 3D printing can and does make a revolution in many different areas of design, including fashion, where up till now the buyers have been given a pre-ordered choice only with very little to say when it comes to individual expression.

This workshop explores the new customization capabilities of jewelry through the process of parametric design and digital fabrication. The results can be not only visually attractive and unique products, but also a whole new design tool set for the individual that saves great amounts of time for manufacturers and effort in creating once off and personally emotive pieces. The notion is to move away from the mass production, consumption, and waste of the past decades.

What you will learn

  • Introduction to Grasshopper and algorithmic geometry
  • Basics in creating accessories for wear on the human body
  • Creation and customization of complex geometries through parametric modeling and script writing
  • Fabrication tools
  • KeyShot


Eva Tucek / Austria
Radul Shiskov / Bulgaria

Required software

Each participant should provide their own computer with the following software installed.

Late registration until January 16, 2017.

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