Algorithm for Fascade

hello, I am stuck in this design, and needs help in this to understand the logic and algorithm. can someone help me out?

Please show us what you have tried to far. Also check out this topic: Help Us Help You - Grasshopper - McNeel Forum

What do you struggle with? Do you want to build this with surfaces? meshes? just on a square, or more complicated surfaces?

hello this is a classical sinus fading texture

here is, what i had tried till now?

here is the gh code: (35.2 KB)
i stucked in making the bumping of points more sinusoidal.

can u share the .gh file?

sorry but you see a bit stubborn. why using image to deform a pattern if you can use an equation that could be more easily altered to your needs ! I hope you see Sinus function during the Math lessons.
So here a script that fit better your need.
You have a surface so I think you can stay with a surface.
I make UV ranging from 0 to 1, then I apply a function using UV coordinate and I move point on surface following the normal. (14.4 KB)

Now if you want a fading along the border you can do that

And if resolution not good augment U V numbers


Hello @laurent_delrieu ,

I appreciate your perspective on using equations and mathematical functions to deform patterns on a surface instead of relying on images. It seems like you’re suggesting the use of a sinusoidal function applied to UV coordinates to achieve the desired deformation. This approach can offer more flexibility in terms of adjustability.

Working with UV coordinates ranging from 0 to 1 is a common practice in computer graphics, particularly in texture mapping and surface parameterization. Applying a mathematical function, like a sinusoidal function, to these coordinates can indeed provide a systematic and controlled way to deform the surface.

Moreover, incorporating the surface normal in the deformation process adds an additional layer of control, ensuring that the deformation aligns with the geometry of the surface.
I had messed up in a single way, i thought this will the only solution for the design, and yes I am not good in mathematical equations or trigonometric equations. if you suggest me some scripts or lessons, i will go through that.
Thankyou for the help.

I don’t know good all in one lessons. I think you’ll find some you tube channel that were given on this forum. Also there are tons of example here and on the old forum.
To apply this type of deformation on more complex shape ShapeMap seems to be a good plugin.