Aircraft Cowl

Can someone pls help?

I want to draw a cowl like on the plane on the picture. I think that it has to be done as a separate upper and lower half.

So I can try 2 things I think:
1: make a solid model
2: try to surface from curves

Can someone pls help me and tell me how I should build the top and bottom part of this cowl?
Which technique is the way to go and how should I do it?
How should I make the transition from the round nose to the more square fuselage?

As you can see on the picture of the whole aeroplane, all the edges of the fuselage are rounded. When I try to (variable) fillet or (variable) blend them, I dont get good results.

How should I fillet/chamfer/blend the fuselage and the cowl?

I hope someone can help. I like drawing airplanes but the cowl are always a difficult part for me.

Thank you in advance!!

have you seen this?

It is one of the listed Rhino tutorials and deals with modelling a plane. Although I am not sure how helpful it will be with your cowl.

There are also older cowl related posts on discourse that should show up if you run a search.


Yes Ive already seen that one but unfortunately its of no use.
Ive seen the post of the turboprop cowl but that one doesnt help also (but its very interesting, I think I’ll need that one in the future).

Could this be the problem?
Try the Evaluation Version here

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Why would that be a problem?

@garydm31 It is an illegal / illicit version of the program. Where did you buy it?
Please contact if you have additional questions

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:rofl: - that’s just wonderful!