.ai Export Deletes Text Formatting

Hey everyone,

This is an issue that I am dealing with since started using Rhinoceros 6. I use Rhinoceros for creating technical drawings, or documents that may be considered as data-sheets in a simpler way. Since I am much more comfortable with Rhino, I create all my elements like text etc. in it and then export an Illustrator file to continue working on. But exporting to ai deletes all paragraph formatting and set default position to lower left.

On left you can see Rhino attributes for texts, on the right notice little orange squares placed lower left which means all text are aligned left instead of center. And changing font, text, size, or making them bold or italic completely makes it a mess. I searched the settings and forums and couldn’t find a solution. It was not working that way in Rhinoceros 5 and early betas as far as I remember.

No, Rhino does not delete text formatting, Rhino does not write (export) text formatting and, in my opinion, Rhino 5 does the same.
This relays so much to illustrator text formatting features.
Anyway, Illustrator get tools to quickly rearrange this.

Actually you are kind of wrong and it seems I remembered it wrong too.

You can see the comparison. I exported same objects and text from both v5 and v6. My workflow was this in v5 as far as I remember: I align texts to center in Rhino and place them where ever I want them to be and export the document. Illustrator moves texts slightly and resets pharagraph attributes to lower left. Aligning text to center in Illustrator moves texts to position where I placed them in Rhino.

It seems the way exporting to illustrator changed in v6. I know I can arrange texts in Illustrator but imagine there are hundreds of text in one document. It is too much work.