Agiosft Metashape file to Rhino

Can anyone tell me what kind of file format I need to use to import my 3D model from Agisoft Metashape into Rhino?

Thank you!


Hi Natalie - which formats can Metashape export?
This is the list of file formats that Rhino can import:

obj is my choice

I export mesh models from Metashape in .obj format, and import directly into Rhino. In the past I have exported point clouds from Metashape and imported them into Rhino but I have not had a need to do so for a while.

Thank you! This is very helpful.

  • I am looking at which workstation to purchase to create a small models in Rhino, would you mind telling me what you think of the specs below? When I looked at the recommended specs provided by Rhino, it says 250 GB SSD and 2TB hard drive, do I need both?

  • Thank you!

When working with large meshes (millions of faces) imported from MetaShape into Rhino I find an SSD to use as the temporary location of the Rhino to be very useful.