Aggregation Plugin that supports mirror (reflection)?

Does anyone know a GH plugin that supports mirroring the base geometry?
For example this geometry, there is no way to tile it and match the left and right surface with move and rotate only

And how WASP works is to move and rotate the geometry, if I want to mirror the geometry I have to prepare many mirrored parts before aggregation and set complicated rules, which is not possible if I have many base geometries. @ar0551 or maybe I missed a function?

I have been using some wave function collapse plugin in Unity that supports mirroring the geometry during aggregation, but going back and forth to Rhino with meshes is not ideal.

Any suggestion would be great. Thanks


unfortunately Wasp does not support mirroring, as this creates a new geometry which is different from the base one, and not only a translated copy. So, for working with mirrored parts in Wasp it is necessary to create mirrored copies for each of the mirroring options, and treat them as separate parts.

There are some tricks to make it easier to set this up, but this would be highly dependent on the geometry you are working on.

One alternative would be to work with a single base part (the hexagonal prism, in your case), and use SmartAttributes to define the internal geometry to be placed, based on the state of the connections. This should allow, with some limitations, to mimic something similar to a WFC process. But again, it would require the definition of a high number of attributes, and proably still be quite complex and depended on the geometry you are working with.