Age limit?

what age or previous experience is needed to get started with Rhino?

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If you are not a grown-up, I feel you should have an adult with you while on the forum.
You should probably not write/read to people privately, to stay safe.

Rhino 3D is an easy to use for 3D program. There are videos and tutorials. If you work at it, you should be able to learn it.


@karel.knevel Welcome! Try it out. Have fun!

Check for Hardware System requirements
and download the Evaluation Here:
Check Help to get started (online HELP)
snap00 12-29-2019

These are questions you can best answer for yourself. I have a 5 year old grandson who has a lot of fun playing Minecraft. Rhino is not a game but a tool for creating realistic looking computer models with accurate sizes and shapes so they can be manufactured. It’s extremely easy to create a lot of fun things quickly in Minecraft. A program like Rhino requires a lot of patient attention to details and many steps to create the kind of models of cars, boats, airplanes, shoes, jewelry, smartphones, houses and skyscrapers that you can see in the Rhino galleries. For some of the best ones I mean weeks of all-day work. A young person might quickly run out of interest.

Since the Evaluation version has a limited time during which you can save models you might do well to be as prepared as possible from the Rhino3d website and all the youtube videos available to understand the kinds of things it’s designed to do and get some idea of how to use it before you actually start using it.

It’s worth noting that even after the evaluation version stops allowing you to save models you can still keep using it to practice with.

Another thing to keep in mind is that even the student version is fairly expensive.

Your question suggested you might be asking on behalf of a pretty young person, which is why I’m giving this kind of answer.

What ?

I’m not aware of any penalties if Rhino is used for not so serious play. The Rhino police will not revoke a Rhino license if the output is not up to somebody’s standards.

Personally I’d be very happy to help a young person learn to use Rhino to create simple objects.


You must be this tall to ride the Rhino…


I don’t know if experience per se is needed, but if you’re going to learn Rhino on your own it will be useful to have some idea about digital construction. That said, with the available tutorials and samples on the internet it shouldn’t be too hard.

Re kids: I have found it easy to teach Rhino to kids of age 10 and 12. Even including Grasshopper.


My 6 year old son loves to fool around with Rhino. I started out letting him freehand curves and pull them up into surfaces. Then color them and flip them around with my 3D mouse. Now he wants to learn how to model so often I let him sit on my lap while I work in the evening and we have started some simple projects together. Editing curves by dragging control points, using osnaps to connect thing, punching holes in solids. No theory, just explore and play. Soon we will start connecting up some Grasshopper components…


Any recommended learning grasshopper tutorials? Architecture and a bit if product design. For a somewhat older person

I started my kids on Grasshopper first when they were about twelve as a way of creating a measurable, incremental differences for a science fair project. They didn’t become rhino experts but they leaned how to use the scientific method in creating a testable design.

What I used to learn Grasshopper was this playlist on youtube

And by searching Vimeo for grasshopper rhino

Will check it out. PS: Enjoying your Blender 3dm importer. Thank You for your efforts.

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Try linked in learning which took over lynda .com

Guys what was the reason for flagging my post above… it was only intended to help Karel… with some links where he could get training, advice like go see what the job ads want or better still potential employers like industrial light and magic then use that to work out what course as in who do they prefer to get their students and applicants from and what is better to have in a portfolio etc and other good forums for advice.

I did not actually write the words’

A pinewood studio centre of excellence for film training. …trying to spam or sell it.

That’s just popped up when I copied and pasted the link like auto thumbnails to creative media skills where the lecturers are industry professionals and being in said studios after the course you could drop off the odd CV.

Don’t work for them just did a course there and figured its a lot better to do a course where you teacher is the effects supervisor who designed the original X wing fighters, built them and who just walked out of working on the next Start Wars spin off 2 studios down for the week or day to teach you guys… As A knows what they are talking about teaching and advice wise and would be great as a reference and networking wise and could put a good word in for you if going for a junior role and knows the producer on the film,… Kinds like doing a cooking course with Gordon Ramsay as you teacher. Much better than a teacher who has just been given a lesson plan and never worked in the industry in a college kinda thing.

so just advice not spam ok? likewise the TCT conference is free, its just the annual 3d printer and CNC exhibition/conference which would be very useful for Karel to go down with parents as if you design something in |Rhino you will want to make it to find out about the technology even if dont intend to buy anything and that its no good getting something with lots of bells and whilst if it does not do the basic job.

Plus suggestion to learn to do silcon mould making as its good for reproducing whatever you 3d print.

if you want me to edit the post let me know what you want edited, but leave the post up for the kid to read so they can get some useful info

Posters here have made very different assumptions about the original poster, Karel Knevel. Some assume Karel is a child and interested in Rhino. Others assume Karel is an adult and asking because a child is interested in Rhino. I don’t see anything in the only post by Karel which supports either assumption.


@Spikey, I think it would be safe to assume, that you encouraging him to get an illegal copy of Rhino here on McNeel’s Discourse, the official, company-run Rhino site is the reason for the post being flagged 🤦



this thread sure got deep into the tribal hole of humanity.

Hi @karel.knevel Here is a good starting guide: Users Guide
Let us know if you need help. :slightly_smiling_face: