Against which version of .net framework is which Rhino version built?

I’m currently running into some trouble with ScriptParasite, where I built most versions against a .net 4.5.x because this would normally be installed on most windows 10 machines. Since there’s a growing number of people running Windows 11, this will still work in Rhino (because it automatically loads the correct framework), but still run into some annoying errors.

My question is: against which version of the .net framework (or mono); are the following rhino versions built, so I can built correct versions for each Rhino version?

  • Rhino 5 for windows
  • Rhino 6 for mac
  • Rhino 6 for windows
  • Rhino 7 for mac
  • Rhino 7 for windows
  • Rhino 8 for windows
  • Rhino 8 for mac

I think you can safely use nuget package versions for the reference