Again with Filet problems

I’m fighting this and have improved the results using SrfSeam to adjust the seam in the subtraction ovals, and adjusting big the surface filet. (now 40mm) But still, there is always one that does not work correctly. I’m fileting at 3mm and have not done the other side to show what I began with.

Filet.3dm (5.0 MB)

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That because the 3mm radius too big and is crossing this surface edge:

That will probably have to be cleaned up manually.

I see what is happening. Just don’t know how to solve I. I extruded the arc, trimmed the surface and joined. Still no go. No idea how to fix.

I originally tried different filet radii, the problem just moves to a different oval. And this 3mm is the radius that is needed.

Hello - before you start, make a FileltSrf between that flat surface and the elliptical hole -


Then you can trim that in with the results from Filletedge, or do the whole thing with FilletSrf


I don’t know how you are getting that. I’m doing something wrong because I get “FilletSrf failed to create fillets.”

Got it. But after filiting and then trimming I’m still left with an open polysurface, and the open looks worse.

I tried a quick fix and it worked so far.

  1. Duplicate the edges of the radii surfaces, join them to one and use this curve to
  2. cut the intersecting surfaces (from front view), join all surfaces and join naked edges, now the whole part is solid

Filet_Test.3dm (1.4 MB)

I tried something similar but not successful like you did. I’m still not getting it. Following your instruction Here’s what I just did.

  1. Fileted the edge @ 3mm
  2. Duped the external edges of the the filet.
  3. Joined the edges into a closed curve.
  4. Split the surface with that curve from front
  5. Joined all surfaces.

ZoomNaked brings up the same open area. I don’t know how to joint the naked edges.

Hello - try: FilletSrf all pairs of surfaces - trim these in, Join.



Ok. Got it to close with JoinEdge. (a command I didn’t know about. I’ve only used Join) Still looks funky, but it is a closed solid polysurface.

For joining the naked edges proceed like this:

When I tried filletSrf I got all kinds of crazy results. None look like what you are showing. I’ll give it another try on the other side, but not hopeful.

JoinEdge can be useful in the right situation, but more frequently causes problems in later modeling. JoinEdge essentially overides the absolute tolerance and marks the edges as joined even though the edges are not within the tolerance.

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