After Win10 upgrade I am getting an error message.... not sure what it is

Moved form Win 7/64 to win 10 Pro. Rhino would not start, so I re installed. I can get it to run but it gives me this error
Rhino ver 5 64 bit latest release…

“Unable to load Egret.10.v50.x64.rhp plug-in: application initialization failed.”

Any idea what it is or how to fix it?


That’s an error which I believe is connected to the Neon plugin. You could try running the Neon installer again.

I’d also suggest using the Rhino 6 beta which has Raytraced mode and an overhauled material system and library.

Thank Brian! I will re-install and see if that clears it up. I have not picked up 6 Beta for what seems like a year due to performance issues… Sounds like I need to jump back in and test the waters again:P