After installing V7, Lands design wants to load on every Rhino launch

Every time I launch Rhino V7, I get the following:


Clicking OK, I get this:


Even if I click “Never load this plug-in again” and OK, it comes back every time.


But inside V7, there is no Lands Design plug-in listed. It is installed in my V6, but only on demand, it doesn’t load normally. How do I get this to stop???

Hey Mitch, this should be fixed in the SR1 release candidate. By “fix”, I mean that Rhino will not attempt to auto migrate a V6 plug-in again after the first failure.

If it still doesn’t work, please let me know.

@fsalla, is it known that Lands is not loading in V7?

Hi @Helvetosaur,

It seems you have “Lands Design WIP” installed. During the WIP stage, Lands Design was only compatible with Rhino 6, so it is normal that it doesn’t load in Rhino 7.

Lands Design was released in April 2020, so your WIP version is quite old, and probably is already expired, so you can just uninstall it if you don’t need it. As @stevebaer has pointed out, Rhino 7 SR1 will no longer try to auto-migrate Rhino 6 plug-ins, so you can also update your Rhino 7.

The last version of Lands Design 5.3 is fully compatible with Rhino 7, f you want to try it.


To be precise; Rhino 7 does try to auto-migrate Rhino 6 plugins but it stops trying after the first failed attempt for a specific plugin.

No, don’t think so… I am one of your resellers… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: This is my reseller release version - not a WIP. I have a license.

However it has not been updated since installing, my bad on that, its still 5.03. Trying to update, it sends me to the Eval download page to fill out a form - that shouldn’t happen with a licensed version. I am now downloading from there and will update.

OK now updated to


Now it loads in V7 as well. I keep it unloaded though as it also automatically runs Grasshopper which I find unnecessary.

Thanks @enric, @stevebaer

Hi @Helvetosaur,

Then I guess we probably forgot to remove “WIP” from that error message. :sweat_smile:

We’ll check that. You should be redirected to the update download page, but there is a form also.

This has been fixed in Lands Design 5.4.


Hi @Helvetosaur, (@enric), we are still working on the Update form page at Lands Design website. In order to download the last Lands Design update, you need to fill the Evaluation version form. If you validated Lands in the past, when you install the update, the license mode you had will preserve.