After a while Custom tool palette not responding?

I have customised a top tool palette “VP_Tools”. After a while the tool palette stops working? Not responding when I left click on the tools, so the command line does not get activated! This does not happen in every session bud it happen regularly. Can’t reproduce it yet…

After quitting R7 session and reopening, the issue has resolved for a while.


These “can’t reproduce” issues are frustrating. I’ve experienced similar issue before. It would probably be helpful to export your preferences ExportPreferences and post the .plist file in this topic, so - once we figure out the steps to reproduce it - we have the custom palette in question).

Things to try:

  • Switch away from Rhino to another app - so that the Rhino window isn’t “key” (active) anymore. Does the custom tool palette become unresponsive after that?
  • Put your computer to sleep - or lock the screen. Does that trigger the bug?

Were you a Rhino 6 user? Did this bug begin to appear in Rhino 7 (I’m looking for regressions here).

Thanks for keeping an eye open for patterns.

Thanks Dan I will keep eye open! And try the suggestions. See what happens? Yes I upgraded to R6 3 months ago, then I upgraded to R7 second have of Januari. It started with version R7, no issues in R6!

VP_Preferences_11-02-2021.plist (367.1 KB)

That is interesting. Noted. Thanks for keeping an eye open and looking for a pattern. Usually, if we can reproduce it, we can fix it. Thanks also for the preferences file. That might come in handy.