AEC Tech 2020 Virtual Conference: October 16-19

AEC Tech 2020 is all virtual this year.

All-day Masterclasses will offer an opportunity for attendees to learn a new skill or develop an existing skill.

AEC Tech’s Hackathon is an event for all levels of programmers, developers, engineers, and others. Collaborate, network, build new relationships, and generate new ideas and processes for the AEC community.

The Symposium will feature a full day of presentations and discussions from highly-acclaimed professionals within the industry.

See the agenda here. Register here.

Sign up for a Masterclass with McNeel speakers:

  • Rhino App Server - An API for remote solving GH definitions on Rhino.Compute Presented by Luis Fraguada, Developer, McNeel EU and Will Pearson, Developer, Robert McNeel & Associates

  • Rhino.Inside.Revit - Presented by Ehsan Iran-Nejad, Developer, Robert McNeel & Associates and Scott Davidson Product Manager, Robert McNeel & Associates

Posted Sep 30, 2020 by Mary Ann Fugier on Rhino News, etc.