Advices to improve gh skills?

Hi fellows
I’ve been a gh user for 6 years now and I’m still feeling confused with some of your gh definition sometimes.
I do understand most of the time tree data, use also loop and solvers in some of my def but, I admit to have to do lot of improvements to juggle with gh.
I have done no studies at all to help me with programming or wathever so any advices are welcome

Well, don’t feel bad. I’ve been programming for about 20 years and I’m still often confused whenever I see someone else’s code.


This made me feel. “I’m kid here” haha because I’m only 4 year’s old grasshopper user. @DavidRutten

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So, you don’t need to know everything, just know how to learn everything. Learning is a process and like all processes it can be done well or badly. In the case of reading and understanding a definition, GH gives you a lot of facilities using the preview selected, wiring panels, locking out next parts to test the previous part… It’s like a analysis tree that you have to walk around fitting everything together. You start either at the beginning or at the end, and go step by step through the definition and understanding each step, making the necessary tests. If at any point you get stuck, you can continue temporarily to put the pieces of the puzzle together and then go back to the step you were in. I’m sure this doesn’t help you much, but believe me, you can understand all the definitions if you are that systematic.

I am a pilgrim on his road to grasshopper so