Advice on patchy rendering

Hello, sorry new to this forum if in the wrong place,

Any advice re the following issue;

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Pls provide a more detailed description of the problem and the file.
Your comment isn’t clear.

@skysurfer It looks like what I thought was some “cool gray triangles of graphic design” is generated by some render bug. If you look at the object just outside the render windows you’ll see that it doesn’t have the dark gray rectangle at top.

If @Dan_P could provide a file then that would help a lot. + System info


Attatched is the model i am trying to render, and then above, as noted, when rendered the image develops patchy black triangles all over the models.

I am new to this so please bear with me,

Render.3dm (10.9 MB)

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This is due to coincident faces. You need to clean up your scene so you don’t have coincident faces.

I don’t understand why you created the objects the way you created them, but you have a lot of separate pieces that don’t make much sense to me.

Here a quick screen recording what happens when I remove duplicate/overlapping geometry while in Raytraced mode. This will give the same results as in when using the _Render command to render in the Render Window:

Thankyou for your help, I will sort this,

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What I don’t get here is that the objects say they use material from layer, but the layer has no material.
And if you open materials then there are none… Seems like a bug to me.

The textures you see are all applied as decals.

When no material exists the default material will be used, which is what happens here.

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Doh… that was too obvious. I’ll go stand in the corner!

could it be the next Rendering challenge ?!?!

Thankyou for your assistance. I have corrected the overlapping objects however to no avail?

Any advice appreciated.

second (1).3dm (2.4 MB)

Where you see the black spots there are still overlapping parts