Advice on migrating block hierarchies from R6 to R7

I have some R6 models that rely on hierarchies of blocks (as in model contains blocks of items which contain blocks of components etc). At the moment, if I edit a block in R7 I am saving it as an R6 file.

When I start migrating the blocks to R7, to avoid block links unravelling, is it best to adopt a strategy of working systematically from parent to child blocks, from child to parent blocks, or doesn’t it matter?

And is there a migration utility to upgrade the blocks from R6 format to R7 format en masse, or does every block have to be edited individually?



Hi Jeremy - I don’t know… I am not quite sure what the problem is, but I am slow… it should just work, I think. Editing a linked block in V7 should open it in V7, - I would think saving the edited file to either 6 or 7 should continue to work, in V7.


So if, say, I update an R6 block in 7 and save it as R7, then someone opens an R6 parent file that references that block in R6, how will R6 respond to the R7 block and will the association be broken?

Hi jeremy - Ah, yes, Ok, V6 will no longer like it. But from what I understood above, you wanted to make everything update to V7 in one go - that would also break V6 compatibility

I am just saying that I do not think you need to do that, is all. If you want to keep V6 compatibility with the whole system of linked blocks for a file, then I suppose you do need to be careful in BlockEdit and Save.