Advice on buying Rhino for Windows?

I’m nearing the end of my trial period for Rhino 3D v6 for Windows. I plan on purchasing a license from an authorized reseller (eg, Gomeasure3D or Novedge). Does anyone have any advice on this? I’m curious if this would be different than purchasing from McNeel wrt licensing, McNeel support, etc. Thanks.

AFAIK you can’t buy it directly from McNeel, you’ll be redirected to your local reseller and you’re stuck with his/hers policy and prices.

As for the support I wouldn’t rely on any reseller for support, just ask your questions here.

We only sell at full list price from Seattle to all of North America so we do not compete with our resellers. Where you buy your license from has no effect on your support.

Good to know, thanks.

The two resellers you listed have been Rhino resellers for a long time.