Advice needed! windows laptop configuration for rhino 6?

Hello all, Rhino newbie here! I plan to use Rhino 6 to design footwear. I’m partial to Dell Laptops…cant seem to find the right configuration that will run rhino. I have read over the system reqs posted on the rhino website and find it confusing. Considering the dell precision line…or a gaming laptop?
Rhino support reccommended the AMD or Nvidia graphics processor but somehow I have not found a laptop with that option.
Really could use some help. My current laptop will not run rhino, and I simply want to invest in a laptop that will run rhino along with my adobe programs. Gotta stick to windows.
I would really truly appreciate input from this community and thanks in advance! Nancy

Hello Nancy,

The Thinkpad p71 has an Nvidia GPU. ( Or it is an option)

Thank you,


Hi @nancy,

If you like Dell laptops, the Precision line perform pretty well with Rhino 6, as you can get them with an NVIDIA Quadro video system.

– Dale

The best 15 inch laptops are Lenovo ThinkPad P51 and Dell Precision 15. My first laptop was made by Dell. The next three laptops were ThinkPads. I stil use ThinkPads and I like them because they are very reliable, have good cooling, and can survive fall on the floor without damage.

By the way, the Moore’s Law is dead. (Moore’s-Law doubling time for processors is no longer 1.5 or even 3.5 years. It is now twenty years.) source:
The death of the Moore’s Law means that a five-year old laptop is almost as fast as new laptop, except graphics card. Parallel processing in the CPU and GPU speeds up display and rendition, but has no impact on other tasks.