Advice how to draw a Worm

Hi there
I’m pretty new here, having trouble finding an easy way to draw an accurate shape of this worm.

Any idea on how I could do that?

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dear @Captain_G

→ what s your purpose of the 3d data ?
looks like subD would be fastest approach - not sure if accurate enough.

fast approach to get you started:

_subDSphere (Subdivisons 2)
_inset (areas you will extrude / delete, 4x4 faces)
delete the face for the connection
gumball-extrude the faces for the lower drop

copy the segments
_mirror to double

_sticht to bring them together

_flowAlongSrf to deform (from the green to the blue surface)

within each step you can of course fine-tune the shape.

if you have a 3d Scan - Quadremesh (convert to SubD) also would be a nice approach - depends on your needs.

hope this helps - and i am curious what @DanielPiker is tipping in parallel.

(Edit) here s the file
worm_00_tp.3dm (1.6 MB)
you can use
_picture to insert an image as reference

kind regards -tom


Hi @Captain_G
(I was just writing out something pretty similar to what @Tom_P just wrote - main difference is I started from a cylinder)

This could be approached with SubD
I’d start by modelling a single segment as a SubD>Primitives>Cylinder (with say 3 vertical and 12 around faces)
Then apply Subd>Symmetry>Reflect so I only need to model one side
Shape it by moving control points to make a bulge, maybe expand some side edges to get the separation between top and bottom,
make a copy for the segments with feet,
and extrude a face to make the foot,
join a few of these together in the desired sequence, add/remove creases if needed, then deform it with cage edit to get the bend and taper


we are talking about

… going for lunch now - bon appetite

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Wow, thanks you guys, I’ll try that!

As a first draft it worked great, thanks Tom_P and Daniel Piker!

But I need it more accurate. Any advice how I could do that?


please give an example / where do you need more precision / more details ?
how fare did you get it → .3dm file
post a screenshot + sketch
some .3dm file with annotation…

those few sentences are not enough to help further.

kind regards - tom

Sure, sorry for not being clear.
When I deform it with cage edit it will warp the lines in a weird way… Now it looks more like an croissant than a worm…
Can somebody tell me what the mistake is I’m doing?

Try rotating parts of the cage as well as just translating them to avoid that shearing effect:

I like this thread.

Thanks @DanielPikerl, I’ll try that!

that worked! Thanks @DanielPiker!!!

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i would also experiment with cageedit using a line only instead of a cage

my worm was created by using a small sphere and a slightly bigger in the middle then used tween surface to interpolate the segments and boolean union it together.

one trick when working with the line cage to keep the worm confined to a certain length is to use rotate withe one point and use the point before to pin in the rotation, otherwise you squeeze that poor little worm out of shape pretty fast

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Thank you @encephalon for your amazing solution!
I’m blown away how helpful this community ist. Thanks everyone for helping with my small beginnings and weird projects :slight_smile:

For amusement of this community I embarrass myself again…

I’m totally aware that my file is not the way it should be. But is there a way to fix a messed up file like this the quick way? I’d like to boolean union the two worms to later boolean difference it to make a mold.


Poor_little_worm.3dm (5.2 MB)

Since we are talking about baits,here is how I modeled this bait

File: (52.0 KB)

Probably you will need vents, to get the feets full of plastisol.
Prbably also better arrange them like this:

just check out how other moulds look like

Cool, thanks @Baris !

But what about my problem with the boolean union? Any recommendations or a quick fix?

They are not solid. the edges are not planar. Make them solid so boolean union will work or split them and join them together

How can I make them solid. (I feel stupid by asking all these simple questions…)