Advice for Solidworks to Rhino?

Hi Marc, Wim - so… what if you had an ‘always on’ clear view of the block structure (say a panel) and could selectively, from a tree view, select and edit blocks via an instance selected in the list? Would that potentially that take care of things so that you might not need to explode at all?



Pascal, in your proposed panel, it would be nice to see a tree that, upon rollover, would instantly highlight the relevant components (both in the panel and in 3d space, if possible). This would be quite fast, rather than having to click on dozens of elements to see where they are located in 3d space.

Yes Pascal that’s a GOOD solution! +1
(that’s exactly like to have an assembly tree on SW)
Probably I already tried to suggest this way a long time ago. :wink:

I’ll say yes! I can see how that is almost a requirement in large files.


That would be perfect.
It needs to be fast in all situations in which we use blocks now.
Or implement another system for when a Block Manager-type of control is not working well… I’m thinking of situations where I insert, as referenced blocks, big files that together would be huge. In these situations opening the block manager or clicking on any of its control is met with a several minutes freeze.

May I ask what sort of models you’re importing from SW and why you need such control over them in Rhino? I’m a long-time Rhino user and new SW user and both programs have their pros and cons. There’s some jobs I wouldn’t do in Rhino and some I wouldn’t do in SW. Apart from arrangement modelling, I am not really mixing the two together, and for arrangement models I just need the dumb geometry of the various assemblies and parts from SW in Rhino. A single assembly, imported through STEP and grouped together, just goes on the one layer.

Just reviving this thread to see if there is SW 2015 support yet?


Hi Declan - not in V5; V6, yes…


NICE! Works great. Thanks!