Advanced Surfacing Techniques

I’m trying “to create a construction plane fit through points”. I’ve gotten to instruction 5. I can’t figure out why my top copied curve doesn’t look like the illustration in the tutorial. My points don’t appear as they should as you can see by the picture I included. Any suggestions as to what I’m doing wrong? Than


Hi James - I don’t know - the command to use on the curve is Divide and give it a number, like 32 or 50 or so, and accept the seam point as the default, though that should not matter much. The points should wrap all the way round. Set Split=No, MarkEnds=Yes Just fyi, the thing will look more like what’s in the book if your copies are a little closer to the blue surface - the top one being maybe just below where the middle one is in your image.


Why don’t they mention in the tutorials that you shouldn’t space the copies too far apart? That’s all that was wrong. Thanks!

It’ll work just fine far apart, and one of the nice things about this technique is that it is very easily adjustable, I just didn’t want you to panic if it initially looks quite different from the way it is in the book.


Thanks Pascal! I got the points to be where they should be. But, now I’m having a hard time getting the rectangular plane to appear where it should. It won’t line up directly under the points as shown in the illustrations. I’ll keep trying to get it to work right without bothering anyone with questions.

One quick question. I got the rectangular plane sorted out. But, I can’t figure out what instruction 11 is referring to when it says DELETE the surface you used to create the button top construction plane. It would be easy if there were an illustration pointing to what they’re talking about. Thanks!

The surface is the plane that you fit through the points.


Got it! No more questions for a while. Thanks!