Advanced Modeling Attractor Point Inflation


In my class we are learning advanced techniques for modeling in grasshopper and then building our own definition to create an object. This is something very new for all of us so it may not be clean or streamlined to its best ability. This definition also uses a couple of other plug-ins such as WeaverBird and Parakeet, aside from Grasshopper and Kangaroo 0.99, not 2.

The issue I’m coming to is assigning a different inflation value to each individual panel. I was trying to use a domain that is connected to an attractor point to determine the inflation value of each panel based on the proximity of the point. This would adjust each panel’s inflation in the geometry to react to the attractor point’s position and eventually replace the base slider that provided the inflation value.

Overall, if there are any ways I can simplify my process feel free to point me in that direction. If you require more information I will provide it to the best of my ability.

Thank you in advance!

Inflateable Panel (47.6 KB)

Can you internalize your mesh and reupload your GH file. I don’t have Parakeet and no plans to install it.

Hey There!
Instead of using two Sort components and two list item component to find the maximum and minimum of the data (Values of distance component) you may use the BOUNDS component which finds the domain of your list data!
I think the problem you are facing is due to the reversing of data in each iteration!