Advanced learning of Rhino

Hello everybody!
Does anyone know any websites or anything containing advanced materials on rhino?

Hi Eekan - have you exhausted the links from this page?


i would search through this forum, you find a plethora on topics of all kinds. use the search button for a keyword and voila, pure cockaigne bliss sometimes deeper than the ocean.

i learned a lot about grasshopper and python scripting rhino from here:

though most of what i’ve learned about Rhino Python has been here at these forums…

tbh, i think this forum can be a great way to learn advanced rhino techniques simply because there are advanced users here that can answer specific questions/problems you encounter.

all that said, there are various ways to interpret ‘advanced learning of Rhino’…

do you mean you’re new to Rhino and want to learn it quickly?
or, you’re already an intermediate(?) user who would like to further your skills? (like complex surfacing, grasshopper, etc?)

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I have successfully passed Rhinoceros completed course and got certification. Now I’m working as 3D Jewelry modeler. I have good knowledge about fundamental tools but don’t know how use, for example, Block Definition (Cascade “Block”), Cage Edit.
Also, for better understanding of how Rhino working, I want to know of its mathematics.

Hi eekan - see

Level 2 material has some basics of blocks and deformation tools:


Thank you very much Pascal!