Advanced filleting issue

I am failing to fulfil the third step of overlapping boxes tutorial:
Why does my surface look contracted? I checked radius and played with extend and trim options, but it did not improve.

Its hard to say without looking at the file. But it looks like you need to fix the surface edges.

If you’ll look closely in the tutorial the edges look a little different. they are smooth and your edges are built from two segments each.

i think the best way to repair this is by building the blue and purple surfaces so that they end with a smooth edge.
check your trimming maybe something went wrong there

Hi Nikolas- try Untrimming the existing fillets (maybe ShrinkTrimmedSrf first in this case) before adding the fillet that is currently not working.


rramot, I start with the same smooth tutorial edges, but FilletSrf changes them! As if something hinders Rhino from stretching fillet surface over edge properly.

Pascal, something still goes wrong. Might that be some deep program settings styled unusually?(

Hmm I don’t know what the tutorial says but if I ran FilletSrf between those two fillet surfaces, that’s the result I would expect. They should probably be extended further to get a more ‘complete’ fillet surface result.

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Yes, Jim, exactly. If I try more extended surfaces (I untrim tutorial ones without shrinking them), I get satisfactory result, but it does not resemble the one I see in tutorial and this technical question upsets me.

Jim is right, your fillet looks right to me.
But I think it’s not the same fillet the tutorial is talking about.
Looking at the tutorial images, IMO the fillet is between the green and the red surfaces, not between the surfaces you are using.
I agree that the tutorial is not so clear here for people with little Rhino experience …

Yeah those aren’t the fillets you want to fillet between here. It’s between the upper fillet you used there, and the one that’s in green on the wiki page, I don’t see it in your shots.


Does this look like what you are trying to achieve? Just fillet the edges of two separate solid polysurfs and then run boolean two on them before running a fillet the joining edges.

Dunno if this helps -

BoxToBoxFillet.3dm (554.1 KB)


Oh my…I feel so stupid, trying wrong surfaces all the time! Of course it is between green and red surfaces in tutorial!
Thanks everybody, and special thanks to Pascal, Jim and emilio!