Advanced camera tools

Fwiw, I was working on a film production where we needed to precisely confirm our digital 3D lenses were matching the film camera we were using to shoot. I don’t remember which camera (not Red) but we tested a couple lenses is both rhino and maya.

The maya film lenses matched the physical camera perfectly. Interestingly so did rhino’s, as long as we set our aspect ratio correctly to the camera’s aspect ratio, the rhino lens matched the physical camera lens. Ie: a 40mm lens matched the physical 40).

I was surprised it was so accurate.

If you have the ability to test the Red camera I would suggest you do the same:

  • set up a physical shoot of a simple plane or series of planes of known size and spacing and distance to camera.
  • set up camera to a confirmed height and orient horizontal and perpendicular to your planes, and snap some shots using various lenses.
  • rebuild the shoot in rhino, setting the aspect ratio of your camera to the Red.
  • use Wallpaper to overlay the Red shots into the Rhino viewport, or
  • overlay your rhino render/screen capture onto the physical shoot shots to compare the results (in photoshop or whatever)

It would be interesting to know your results!

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