Adobe Illustrator (raster to vector) pdf to Rhino 5

I used AI to create a pdf from a raster in order to open it in Rhino. Unfortunately it seems the lines in Rhino are just the contours and not the lines themselves.
Is the process possible maybe changing some parameters in AI in order to obtain a more detailed pdf?
Attached some images
image from scanner.pdf (35.9 KB)
pdf created by AI.pdf (522.1 KB)
pdf imported in rhino.pdf (2.8 MB)
Thank you

You want centerline tracing I believe. This produces a single line at that center of the line in the scan, not a double line or contour.

While there is no “centerline” preset for this in LiveTrace/Image Trace in Illustrator, refer to the following for how to accomplish this in Illustrator by changing the settings a bit

Basically you want the scanned line converted to stroked line in Illustrator rather than fills.

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Yes that was exactly what I was looking for, I tried briefly but have to work out to make it more detailed…contour trace.pdf (35.0 KB)