Adjusting shade of surfaces when printing

Hi friends,
I like printing out views of my model in Shaded mode, however, I would like to lighten the shade of the surfaces in the model so that when I print it (either directly to a printer or a pdf) all the surfaces look lighter. The attached pdf was created with the viewport in Shaded mode with all its settings at default. I want to make the surfaces lighter… I made a copy of the Shaded mode and set the Color & Material Usage to Single Color for all objects and then chose a very light color (off white) for the SIngle object color. No real difference.

Shouldn’t this have resulted in all the geometry showing as off white? If not, is there a way to create a display mode where you can change the shade of the objects?

I tried changing the Output Color in the Print setup dialog from Print Color to Display Color or Black and White without much avail.

Wondering what I’m missing?

Thank you.

bt-53-harborhotel-model-cad-kitchen3-20130920.pdf(204.2 KB)

Sounds like you need a lines-only view. You could try with the default technical display mode and turn off hidden lines.