Adjusting many curve seams by moving pointmarkers in Rhino4

First of all, I apologisch for my bad Englisch and being a kind of newbee.
I wander if there is a easy way voor moving the pointmarkers in one straight line.
I often loft 100 or more organic closed curves en to get a nice mesh it is neccesary to set them in a row.
Now I am picking them one by one. Is there a way, for example by drawing a line between two points and use a command or function that automatic sets the pointmarkers of the curves on top of the line.
The version of Rhino I use is 4

With regards,


Hello, sounds like you might need the command SetPt. In the Transform menu or toolbar… Mitch

Hello Mitch,

thank you for responding so quick.

I think I did not well subscript my “problem”
SetPt is (as far as I know) not working. I tryed the command SetPt during the posibility to adjust the seampoints.
To make sure what I mean, I added a jpeg so you can see what I ment.
In the upper part of the picture you can see what the situation is after loft,
In the lower part you can see what I want.