Adjusting Local Axis of a Frame

Hello Everyone,

I’m a novice user in Grasshopper (and related add-on’s)

I’m willing to prepare a parametric definition that adjusts the local axis of a curve/frame with respect to the

mean value of local axis of two adjacent panels (local axis of centroids of the panels)

The problem is visualized below;

As seen in “Position 1”; the local axis of the frames is set randomly.

In “Position 2”; axis are adjusted properly which will allow us to design decent connection nodes.

Thanks in advance for any help or response.

What‘s the question?

Hi There,

I need to adjust the local axis of a frame with respect to the adjacent two panels (their local axis in the centroids)

What shall I do to proceed in this?

Is it possible to do it with Grasshopper and related add-ons or do I need to write a code for that?

Is there anyone who has been through such thing while designing especially freeform structures and geodesic domes?