Adjusting geometry breaks array

I’m trying to duplicate an extrusion using Curve Array in GH, and finding that adjusting the geometry of my extrusion breaks the array:

Before adjusting geometry:



This is using R8. Any ideas?

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curve-test.3dm (119.1 KB) (5.3 KB)

Hi Andrew -

Rhino 9?

At any rate, when you select the first object in Rhino, the command line states:

1 closed extrusion added to selection.

When, in Rhino, you modify that object by moving an edge, the command line will read:

1 closed polysurface added to selection.

In Grasshopper, you use the Extrusion parameter to reference the original extrusion object, but when this is modified and becomes a brep, that parameter won’t be able to reference that new object. Use the more general Brep parameter instead:


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Lol… whoops, wasn’t watching what I was typing.