Adjusting 3d object Line print width on layout

Hi everyone. This is my firstHey guys. This is my first post and I appreciate any help I receive.
I watched a tutorial explaining the possibility of changing the line thickness of each object in the scene, in Arctic mode, and this is amazing for my work.

Now, I tried to replicate this in the layout detail view as well, but it’s not working.

Has anyone experienced this and managed to resolve it? Or is it really a limitation of Rhino?

Thank you very much. post and I´ll apreciate any

I forgot.

I´m using Rhino 7 version

Hi Pablo - please post a simple example file.


Hello Pascal. Thank you for responding so quickly.

Something happened: while I was creating the simple scene you requested, the problem that I wasn’t able to solve magically disappeared, I just don’t know how.

Apparently, this problem only appears in that specific file I was working on: if I create a new one, everything happens normally. The challenge is figuring out which option I changed that caused the problem.

If I can understand the issue, I’ll post it in this thread for anyone interested.

Anyway, thanks anyway.