Adjustable Network Curves?

I am very new to Grasshopper - But allready I have some stuff that I would like to do with it …
Could I please have some some pointers how to begin learning to do this project ?

I have a real playground safety-net to design - it has to comply with playground standards DS_EN 1176
The standards states some rules about the sizes in the netting, but they are pretty simple actually, so I can adjust to those rules manually.

Its the drawing that bugs me - every time i move a single joint, I have to adjust all other points, and the curves…
and thats a drag. But Grasshopper should be the way to do this in a clever way, right ?

I would very much like to be able to play around with the position of the joints, so that the attached lines follow the joints (called “anchor pts” in the attached 3dm file)

the “fixed pts” are where the net is supposed to be mounted on a sculpture, so they are really… fixed :slight_smile:

Any help to get started? I wouldnt mind to be pointed at several options how to do this, as I will start to learn Grasshopper by now :slight_smile:

Hans Henrik

sikkerhedsnet Grashopper.3dm (2.7 MB)

Since ExplicitHistory isn’t a complete implementation of Grasshopper yet, there are no tutorials for it yet.
My best recommendation is to start with the Getting Started tutorials for Windows Grasshopper:

They should be pretty close and be useful.
If you run into bugs, please report them so we can get them on the list for fixing.

Is this still true?
I have a person in Support Bee who is looking for online courses for Grasshopper for Mac.