Adjustable length of line

need to be able to adjust the length of each line in a series of 10 lights hanging in a straight line from the ceiling by using the slider command if possible

Make two lines with two point components
Connect points with lines
Move one z with slider

The above could be an answer to your question
Or not

Hi Gijs, thank you, it may be, but I am not clear on what exactly the commands are; to simplify, if I want to make one vertical line in the Z dimension whose length has to be adjustable with a slider… (6.3 KB)

thanks for the feedback, what I was trying to do was to set up the lines so they can be controlled with a slider component to adjust the height on each individual line. I figured out that starting with the Line SDL component which allows the slider to control the length of the line. If you create grid of lines like this and want control the lines the same way but in both X and Y directions, using the MD Slider component works nicely…thanks for your input

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