does anyone know about this how we can do this,
(script example) .thanks

Nothing attached … so by “this” you mean the graph shown? (having the connTree/Matrix on hand).

i mean that how we can do Adjacency table in Space+Syntax plugin in grasshoper

like this

I have no idea what that thing is (I don’t work with any plug-in other than K2). But since I have a lot of stuff (code only) related with adjacency Matrices … added 6 lines of code more for a “graph” representing the Matrix (requires text dots etc etc for the cells ID):

So if nobody else replies and you want that C# notify.

Update: found another more suitable C#. Added a few lines for the graph and TextDots and here we are: either the Matrix is yes/no (meaning flat rectangles for the “graph”) or has values in a range - as is the norm in room schedules in our trade (meaning boxes).

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can u share de C# script for the adjancy table ?