AddTweenCurves function is missing (Python)


It seems that the AddTweenCurves function is missing. If i check the document, AddTweenCurves and ChangeCurveDegree are not there.

Is it possible to update the Rhinoscriptsyntax somehow?

The TweenCurves method (not AddTweenCurves) does not yet appear to be implemented in the V6 Beta rhinoscriptsyntax. It is there in RhinoCommon, so it is possible to implement your own custom function while waiting for it to be added.

The ChangeCurveDegree method is present in rhinoscriptsyntax for V6 and appears to be working here.

Neither method is available in V5 in Python/rhinoscriptsyntax, TweenCurves is available in vb Rhinoscript, but not ChangeCurveDegree. Edit: I guess I should add that both functions are available in RhinoCommon for V5.


I think TweenCurves (in VB Script) and AddTweenCurves (in rhinoscriptsyntax) essentially do the same.

isn’t it the case?


Giulio Piacentino
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Hmm, somehow I missed finding AddTweenCurves in the online help (which I really am not that fond of relative to the old .chm version)… But that aside, the two methods should be named the same !! Otherwise there will be confusion. I think AddTweenCurves is actually a better name, but changing the vb method’s name might invalidate some existing scripts…


I actually also think that the two names should be the same, but the VB Script one is clearly odd compared to the rest (and it is also singular, strangely), so leaving it like this will just improve things for the future, while maintaining compatibility with old VBScript/RhinoScripts.

@rajaa might have additional ideas.

Thanks for all the replies! I also found the AddTweenCurves in the online help of Rinoscriptsyntax, but when i try to use it is is not recognized. Does anyone know how i can fix this?

It’s not there in Rhino V5. It’s new in V6 BETA. @kornesweers93

It is perhaps in the Help, but it still doesn’t look like it’s implemented in V6 yet, as it’s not in (here at least)…

Ahh, it’s at the bottom of the file, not in alphabetical order…

OK, it does seem to be working here in the latest Beta 21.11.17