AddSweep1: closed option don't work

Hello, i try this code but closed option don’t work

Help on function AddSweep1 in module rhinoscript.surface:

 |  AddSweep1(rail, shapes, closed=False) |      Adds a surface created through profile curves that define the surface
 |          shape and one curve that defines a surface edge.
 |          Parameters:
 |            rail (guid): identifier of the rail curve
 |            shapes ([guid, ...]): one or more cross section shape curves
 |            closed (bool, optional): If True, then create a closed surface

The closed option only works if 1- sweep rail was closed 2- cross-sections count were greater than one:

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Thanks, it’s like loft , i thought closed work like cap in pipe.
i hope this option will added to sweep1 component