Additional Object Names

We are discussing how 3D ship Rhino models can be used for ABS classification approvals. ABS plans to use NAVISWORKS for viewing & interrogating Rhino files.

We find the “Name” field of objects to be quite useful for naming structural components, such as 4”x3”x1/4”L. Can additional user-defined fields similar to the existing Name field be added to models? If so, would these extra fields appear in the Object Properties for easy editing?

For example, we might want user-defined field names such as:

  • Deck (such as “Main Deck”)
  • Position (such as “Frame 32”)
  • Scantling (such as 4”x3”x1/4”L)
  • Material (such as ABS grade A steel, not to be confused with rendering materials)
  • Comments
  • Class Review (if ABS classification has any comments on an element)

Hi, I think your should have a look on userText.
It seems to correspond to your description.

In Rhino 6, the editing panel has been added.
In Rhino 5, you can use this plugIn : ElefrontProperties.rhp (138 KB)