Adding to Preset Materials toolbar

I have added a new metal material in my express toolbar by duplicating one of the existing metals. I then changed it up with a new vrmat material. When I click on it the material will show up in the VRay materials palette but “will not be applied to my selected object”. I double checked everything in these settings here:

Any ideas? Thanks.

At a guess, could the missing assignment be due to the forward versus backslash in the macro?

@fpedrogo can you help here?

That forward slash is the way the other express materials do it. Tried changing it from forward to back but it did not apply the material.

Have you checked the file location if the file it exist?

Yep the material file is in the same folder as the other metals.

The file name is Machined_steel but the material name could be different and is the name you chosed at the creation time.
Have you checked that the material name at the creation time was “Machined_steel”?

Are you able to import the material by using the material editor Load function?
What’ the showed name in the editor?

I got it to work. Have to take out the underscore between the machined steel in the apply command.